regardless of the content of the website construction or the construction of the chain, the original content will always receive better results, and in some cases, the quality of the original content is not very high. This paper summarizes some common ways to get original content, which is simple and convenient.

first, QQ chats,

QQ every day to chat very easy to do, in the process of communication in a relaxed, original content is produced, according to the chat content, but the choice is as the content of the web site or for the construction of the chain. In order to make content relevant, you can talk about topics related to the site, so that the content is also consistent with the theme of the site. If you feel like some trouble, simply add a website and related theme QQ group, of course must be an active point, so that every day is the automatic production of a large number of relevant web content and original content. We can make some changes, and the rest of the work is a detailed analysis of the specific circumstances.

second gets content from the screened spider web site

these sites are common SNS type, such as Renren, Kaixin and so on, these sites need to log in to view, so the spider is unable to grab the contents of it. There are some space categories, such as QQ space, need to log in to enter the space, and so on. The content of these sites is part of the net friend reprinted from the Internet, so this part is still not original content, some of which are original personal logs of users, these are very good original content. We can apply it appropriately. In addition, I heard that sina is a shield spider, this individual did not study, continue to learn.

third, email

mail is a source of original content, and some of the rubbish is constantly sent, simply make, apply for some special mailbox, accept spam and so on, take out these rubbish information, is probably a very good original, and can choose to accept some different types of message types, this positioning for the content also has a certain amount of control.


Here you can use Google

browser text translation, we can boldly open the non Chinese website, then use Google browser page to be translated into Chinese, some processing and processing, is a very good original article.

above is the convenient access to the original content of some channels and methods, in practical applications, according to specific circumstances to take certain processing, flexible use. I want to get the original content of the method is far more than this, this article is worth throwing a brick. Station reprint please leave links.

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