many webmaster have encountered this kind of circumstance, may overnight, Baidu before ranking the main keywords are dun land invisible. No doubt, this is undoubtedly a fatal blow for the stationmaster, and the words that have been hard to do for months have been sent away by Baidu, beyond the moon. Can the webmaster, this time not to despair, sadness, you must as soon as possible to seize the time to find search engine may have been punished, and then improved, so in the near future, the weight will recover.

what case search engine will punish site is the substantial modification of the website module and content, modify the site title, site title inside the keywords and the website itself has nothing to do, jump pages, increasing the number of new links in a short period of time, there is a link with a penalized site, the server is not stable etc..

These are not

I said today, I want to say is how to search engine punishment after get out of this predicament quickly, by what method can reach or restore the previous search engine weights given by. Take my management of a web site, Shanghai Yangtze infertility hospital, the recent punishment by Baidu, all key words all ranked outside the hundred, which for a portal site, is undoubtedly fatal.

According to the observation station after

related infertility, infertility, infertility, infertility, infertility hospital hospital, hospital infertility, male infertility, female infertility and other words are right down the 100 pages, so the website about these keywords and long tail keywords article pages are not ranked on a good place. In view of this situation, my consideration is how to live keywords infertility to make adjustments, so that its weight increase, then its corresponding long tail keywords will also quickly increase weight.

So how to increase the weight of the main

keyword, it must analyze the reasons, why the website main keywords my Baidu drop right? It may be some time ago the company will consider separate optimization and Baidu for promotion, so they copied two two level domain name, the two station only update the home page, but the Lord keywords and keywords disease and optimize the station all the same, because in a server, and optimize the station. They have also done a lot of external links, resulting in the keywords Baidu down the right situation. In view of this possible situation, I have taken measures to move two two level domain name stations to other servers, and to make a large range of keywords, and banned the collection of Baidu. Although for the moment, I optimize the station’s home page weight has not changed greatly, but I think it will work.

of course this is just a small step, this change is not to change the status quo, through Baidu’s collection and analysis showed that the weight of the long tail keywords, Baidu for the optimization of station many down the right two columns not included in the article, it says that even if the update every day, but no longer included or has not included the release, in the light of this I am conscious of these columns will be temporarily > Update

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