as I mentioned in the log I use the Lunarpages hosting space, there are friends. Give me a message, said to see a lot of recommendation, purchasing Lunarpages host website and post on the Internet, and the price is much higher than the domestic space, that is a liar, I asked to. So it’s necessary to share my experience.


began to build independent blog space since the first half of last year, began to buy domestic space, due to technical problems with the old abandoned, then through the comparison also chose the United States Lunarpages host. Because I feel good, this year will continue to renew for 2 years.

foreign space overall good, space and traffic are large, such as the Lunarpages basic host program, $4.95 month, unlimited space, traffic can be built numerous websites, but also an international domain name for free. Equivalent to 400 yuan in early days. It’s really affordable. There is no room in the country.

I think, not only can the foreign IDC who dare to do so, it must be profitable, why domestic IDC who dare to launch such a service? Is the strength is too poor, or to earn extra high profits, but due to the low sales volume and loss, or there are other reasons why? If there is who dare to launch and foreign IDC the same service, it is a natural integration of the domestic IDC market, domestic hope as soon as possible.

should be aware of the following when purchasing and using foreign hosts:

1, buy or buy on your own. In foreign hosts, only Lunarpages supports domestic bank card payment, and the other requires dual currency or foreign currency credit card payment, and can also be paid by paypal. If you are too troublesome, you can also find someone purchasing, to find better credit, to prevent being cheated.

direct purchase is relatively safe. Purchasing should pay attention to, especially sharing purchasing, for example, assigned to you 100G space, charge 100-200 yuan / year, the general situation is no problem. However, if IDC is discovered, the space will be suspended. Because this space only allows buyers to use, if this domain name belongs to different people, it was found by space providers that you will operate resale business without permission, will pause space. This is a violation of their resale business. Therefore, the purchase of such a share purchasing has certain risks, it is best to buy products in accordance with the IDC package.

if you have the energy, you can also carry out the business of purchasing, for example, enter the Lunarpages Affiliates register, you will get some banner or link your ID, if someone through your link to buy a space, you will get a certain number of dollars rebate. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to go

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