just for a season, many people will find no clothes to wear, therefore, in the summer, the summer has ushered in the hot time. Summer wear summer clothing, called summer. Generally refers to short sleeved, vest, shorts, skirts and other cool breathable clothing. Because of the strong market demand, so the market brands are constantly increasing, here, Xiaobian for everyone secret China ten summer brand rankings.

is one of the most popular summer clothing, especially the scorching sun, the summer heat intolerable, T-shirt with its natural, comfortable, cool and dignified sense of the merits of the people who are willing to wear seasonal clothing. Has now become the men and women, old and young are in love with the modern.

Chinese ten summer brand ranking NO.1:ONLY (Denmark began in 1995, focused on young women groups, 22 to 35 year old world famous fashion brand, European fashion trend setters, Bestseller group)

Chinese ten summer brand ranking: Metersbonwe NO.2 (local casual clothing brand leader, to young people aged 16~25 years for the target consumers, clothing chain retail listed company, Shanghai Metersbonwe garment Limited by Share Ltd)

China ten summer brand ranking NO.3: Semir Semir (Zhejiang famous trademarks, leisure clothing leading brands, young fashion popular tide brand, Volkswagen / leisure / fast / fashion brand operators, Semir Group Co., Ltd.)

China ten summer brand ranking NO.4 Septwolves (SEPTWOLVES: founded in 1990, Fujian province famous trademark, business suits industry well-known brands, high-tech enterprises, ten brands, listed company, Fujian Septwolves industry Limited by Share Ltd)

Chinese ten summer brand rankings: NO.5 starry HSTYLE (China Internet fast fashion brand sales, with famous fast fashion style popular well-known fashion brands, Han clothing e-commerce group Limited by Share Ltd)

Chinese ten summer brand rankings: NO.6 Qiushuiyiren (started in 1996, located in the 20-42 year old fashionable women’s clothing brand, large domestic famous garment enterprises, Zhejiang impression industry Limited by Share Ltd)

China ten summer brand ranking NO.7: YISHION YISHION (started in 1997, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, located in the 18 – to 30 year old group of young, domestic famous and popular fashion apparel retail.

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