We all know that

people’s fertility is very limited, especially now in the domestic implementation of the family planning policy, now many families have only one child, but the woman next to say but very not, people 10 years pregnant 14 times.

women Zengmou for the crime of corruption and sentenced to life imprisonment for the escape from prison, was sentenced after nearly 10 years, the 14 pregnancy escape from prison. Until recently, Urumqi shayibake District Bureau of justice again to the Urumqi intermediate people’s court to submit Zengmou imprisoned execution proposal, the 39 year old Zengmou was formally put in prison.

8 11, director of the Bureau of justice Urumqi Zhang Zimin introduced this year, in addition to Zengmou, Municipal Bureau of justice has been imprisoned execution of community inmates that imprisoned execution on two.

2005 in October 17th, Zengmou due to corruption by the Urumqi intermediate people’s court sentenced to life imprisonment. The entry into force of the judgment, Zengmou for pregnancy, the court decided to temporary probation.

when Zengmou to be imprisoned and sent to the detention center, said she was pregnant, and not imprison them after she get an abortion. Have a good rest body, will be executed in prison, she was pregnant again. So repeatedly, from 2006 to now nearly ten years, Zengmou has said the pregnancy for the first time, the 1 time for false pregnancy, and the remaining 13 are true pregnancy.

? Here, you should have been almost dumbfounded. At the same time, such an approach is actually the woman makes a lot of people don’t feel shame, pregnant 14 times 10 years, even to avoid jail.


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