Taobao how to shop? Recently, many of my friends are asking this question. In fact, it is not difficult to open a Taobao shop, as long as the master of the steps and methods, but also to be able to open a new Taobao shop. So, how Taobao shop? What are the detailed steps? Let’s take a look.

1, landing Taobao home page – click on the top left free registration".

2, registration options: mailbox registration".

3, fill out membership information and click on the following agreement to submit the registration".

4, login mailbox to receive activation letter, open the mailbox, click activate the letter to complete the account activation.

5, click on the message to complete the registration, registration success. Note: the mailbox name = Alipay account, Alipay password = login password.

1, into the Taobao home page, click on the top right of my Taobao login Taobao account.

2, click on the "account management" in the "Alipay account management", click "the activation" Alipay account activation.

Fill in the account registration information and account information, Alipay

3, click the "save and immediately use Alipay account" Alipay account activation success, has become a member of alipay.

1, into the Taobao home page, click on the top right "my Taobao" start authentication operation.

2, click on the right side of the picture, real name authentication".

3, click the "apply for Alipay worldpay".

4, select the "Alipay cartoon" or "confirm the bank remittance amount of 2 ways of application. Click on the "apply for" button as an example of "bank transfer confirmation".

5, fill in the ID information submitted.

6, fill in personal information and bank account information after the completion of the click Submit, check the information is correct, click on the confirmation".

7, certification application submitted successfully. Please check in your bank account or online bank for 1 to 2 working days to make sure that your account has been remitted. Check your funds to your bank account after login to the Alipay website, "my Alipay" in the top right corner, click on the "application", enter the exact amount.

8, Alipay account login – my account, click on the application name authentication page into the remittance amount.

9, confirming the remittance amount, input from Alipay tycoon > in the bank account

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