rural electricity supplier concept has been proposed for a long time, the Internet era for the development of the rural market provides a lot of convenience, can effectively stimulate the potential of rural consumption. In the "Internet plus" era, the rural electricity supplier will usher in a historic opportunity for development.

11 2, China business newspaper, China business press and the China Federation of Commerce jointly organized the third China Business Innovation Conference held in Beijing. The general assembly to "Internet plus new business" as the theme, focus on innovation and economic China bottleneck, "Internet plus" era of green business, e-commerce development path selection, commercial channel innovation, risk investment and business innovation and other issues, in-depth discussion from many aspects of policy interpretation, expert theory and practice case etc. among them, the development of the rural market and rural electricity supplier opportunity by the participants concerned.

in the conference venue "Chinese retail O2O full Channel Innovation Summit", the experts, from 2003 to 2013, Chinese retail industry through the continuation of ten years of the "golden period". Active development of economic reform and opening up as China beneficiaries, the retail industry in three aspects: dividend farewell once brought urbanization caused by rapid economic growth, Chinese dividend bonus and Chinese consumption caused a huge population demographic dividend. Retail enterprises to create brilliant, must use the Internet to start a new profit model, the entire channel retail is a new reality for all retailers to face. Only to do anytime and anywhere to provide services to urban and rural consumers, in order to be eliminated in the competition.

as a conference venue of the "Internet plus the era of Business Model Innovation Summit, the participating entrepreneurs and experts in thinking, when the retail entity in the event of" Internet plus "," + "in the end what? How "+"? Whether it is a traditional shopping center or hypermarkets, as well as the chain of home appliances, Suning, Gome and other enterprises, are constantly exploring the transformation of traditional business areas. Whether active or forced to close to the Internet in transition, leading the mobile Internet, the traditional commercial enterprises to break their own limitations in traditional retail declined, according to their own characteristics and strengthen community function, model innovation, expand the rural electricity supplier, hypermarkets regression mode, perfect line, two combine to improve consumer loyalty of consumers, stimulate more consumption potential. Among them, the potential of the rural market by the participants attention and affirmation. More than half of China’s 1 billion 300 million people live in rural areas. Over the past two years, the slogan of commercial enterprises to the countryside resounded through the land of china. Despite the relatively low level of income in rural areas, the gap between household consumption capacity and the city, but the total is still not inferior to the urban market. Participants believed that has the support of national policy, with the needs of the people, the rural electricity supplier will usher in a historic opportunity for development, will become a gold Chinese point of future development of the electricity supplier, should speed up the pace to go to the countryside development.

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