don’t know what you feel about this kind of snack dumpling ravioli, I remember when I was thirty years before the development of China? Although life is bitter, but some older memories make people feel warm, there are shuttle in the alley selling wonton cries. Made with water and flour, Pinebo served, or meat, or sugar, or honey, such as filling, cooked with water. Hot wonton can pan, wonton development has become more numerous names, making different, fresh and delicious and famous snacks throughout the country, loved by the people. Want to join a wonton shop, the need to how much money it is more appropriate to many investors or is most concerned about the issue of the owner.

open a wonton stores need to how much money? In fact, wonton shop funds are spent on rent and utilities costs, material costs and costs.

wonton join capital specific analysis

1. shop. "One point of the price of goods," the statement is always the most correct, do not covet cheap rent, you choose lots to your rent is proportional, so the choice of prime locations, the rent is high normal.

2. material and cost. To prepare materials to do enough to open a wonton shop, buy these materials requires a certain amount of money.

3. gas utilities. Do not underestimate these gas utilities, one does not pay attention to is a big spending, so in the shop after a little pay attention to water conservation,

4. employee wages. Staff salaries should have a certain budget, just started a shop, who can not guarantee that the first month of this point on a little thing to make money, back to profit, so to do the work, the wages of the staff to the budget.

in short, open a wonton shop, it must have the preparatory work, to do the budget, prepare sufficient funds, is a big step to success.

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