don’t underestimate the "EQ" these two simple words, if you do not have this condition, are not good at dealing with all kinds of relationships, get around the wall, so small it would suggest: EQ has become the first factor to cultivate youth entrepreneurship, which can guarantee their entrepreneurial success more easily!

in the business, young people tend to think the success is too simple, and do not want to start small. Entrepreneurial guidance experts to remind young people, because there is not much money, the investment should not be too large. Currently, young entrepreneurs can apply for 2 to 50 thousand yuan of venture capital, start-up funds best controlled within this range. Then there is the difficulty of entrepreneurship to think a little bit more, according to the proportion, the entrepreneur’s first large-scale entrepreneurial success of only 20 ~ 30%, the vast majority of people have experienced many failures in order to succeed.

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