is now on the market project in particular, there are a lot of entrepreneurs choose to open restaurants, catering for store location, characteristic is the key point to find a location can be success, so the location problem is the key.


selected location, we must consider the hotel will sell what products, or that the hotel features is what. This is second only to location. As if the child was born, how to raise a lot of knowledge, consider the child may die.

The restaurant

the market of small restaurants, dishes from the point of view, most of Hangzhou cuisine, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, a small hotel should be subdivided, have their own specialty. As the hotel up to the front to sell duck cuisine, and as a cattle brother shop, monopoly bullwhip food, again some shop Tutou dish.


in short, to find a store’s fist products to create customers to shop reasons. The more distinctive Hotel, the more vitality. Because, no matter what level of the consumers in the taste of a "love" instinct, as long as it tastes good, always attract customers in a continuous line, make the hotel prosperous. Some of the initial entry, if you feel difficult to choose the characteristics of dishes, you can also make an article on the characteristics of the points, such as the opening of the characteristics of rice noodle shop, specialty wonton shop, etc..

Of course,

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