aimed at the excellent prospects of online entrepreneurship, he wants to gain a considerable career in the electricity supplier era. But the 3 venture failed for the 2 time, but he was more and more brave, and finally sold the eggs on the Internet, this time a lot of money, and finally succeeded in making money.

development community consumption

2013 at the beginning, Cao Xibin entrepreneurial goals aimed at the Internet market. In his view, the Internet market is low investment costs, as long as the development of a consumer APP software, you will be able to promote the concept of fashion consumption, advertising effectiveness by profit.

"3 partners, 30 thousand yuan venture fund, thinking about entrepreneurship." Cao Xibin said that when the target is locked in the community APP development, thinking of the community together to get together, so that community residents to form a consumer group, but stuck in the payment function. Only the hard headed to the market, promotion and material costs no money, plus APP few people. A year, his team ended in failure.

second round

by consulting and planning to make money

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