customers cross procurement will cause a series of problems, will lead to Cuanhuo dilemma, as entrepreneurs, how to solve these difficulties? How to let their customers to quell anger? Here are some solutions, I hope to help the majority of entrepreneurs.

The second step:

to be channeling dealers complained, apologize, and communication and coordination. I hope it can understand the needs of the customers and the company difficulty, overall situation.

to allow dealers to recognize the current situation: even if customers do not have other distributors of products, will not use his product. Customers may switch to other companies, even in spite of obstructing resolutely from Cuanhuo purchasing company. Eventually everyone is unprofitable.

three, purchases of medium (small), high frequency of purchase.

These two cases illustrate the

four, purchases of medium (small), low frequency of purchase.

belong to accidental phenomenon, is normally provided by the customer by cross regional business opportunities, solve for the following: no matter how the relationship with customers, we must resolutely safeguard the interests of dealers channeling.

The frequent occurrence of

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