collision accident is a headache for the driver, but a Jiangxi accident actually hit a spark of love, let the two men and women to be strangers to each other into a marriage hall.

"because of the accident, the match I and the other marriage blessing in disguise……" In January 23rd, the Jiangxi Traffic Management Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau directly under the eight Highway Traffic Police Corps detachment of seventh Police Brigade Feng Wei received a party Hwang messages sent to inform him and accident another party Lee has been married.

2014 in July 8th at about 18, with two car rear end accident in Jiangxi wide high-speed Longnan exchange, before the car after the car driver man and two people are eyeball, blaming each other. After the patrol police Feng Wei came to the scene to check the relevant documents, casually opened a joke: really clever ah, you are born in 1988, give each other face it." Two people laugh after hearing, don’t talk. In the traffic police team to get the book after the accident, two people are very satisfied with the results of the treatment, each left contact.

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