paint paint store operators want to obtain long-term operation, we must pay attention to doing a good job of daily management. If you want to learn in this area of management knowledge so that you can learn from other people’s successful experience, a set of their own to see if the actual application of their own store operations.

paint shop operators in the daily operation of the attention to what? To ensure a stable source, how to let the guests stay? We found a lot of customers for the first time to be accidental, and not much loyalty, once there are other products, it is easy to leave, so paint franchisees to ensure their own retain consumers, grasp the needs of customers, and constantly develop new customers, to distribute leaflets, make concessions method to develop new customers, but the key is to ensure the paint stores the sufficient supply of goods, quality, and various sales strategies are hand assisted.


operator in the clear customer demand, will be able to clearly provide what kind of product for the customer, as the operator must know who are their customers, what kind of characteristics, what kind of consumer attitudes, buying habits, what kind of unique needs and so on.

paint shop shopping guide and customers to establish emotional ties, can not just put too much attention on sales, product prices. However, low price commitments may be able to cater to the customer’s rational requirements, but can not stimulate their emotional needs. We always think that operators strive to establish a close with customers, like and trust.

paint stores need to start from the customer, understand customer needs, improve sales capability, provide better service to customers, service level to go up, the franchise will be more and more high popularity, the number of business and old customers, let the store for a long run down.

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