opened a paint shop in the current has become a choice of countless people, however, the success of the shop we need to consider a lot of factors. In this article, the small series will introduce you to three points, so that you open the paint shop a higher probability of success.

paint shop location:

location should be selected in the sale of building materials more concentrated place.

paint shop procedures:

first apply to the Bureau of dangerous chemicals to handle the license of dangerous chemicals, and then to the business sector for business license, and finally to the tax department for tax registration certificate. If you are an individual industrial and commercial households, there is no need for funds, if you are doing a limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan.

you usually sell paint, then apply for individual industrial and commercial households business license on it. For business licenses of individual industrial and commercial households, you only need to bring dangerous chemicals business license, ID certificate, proof of the place (if the premises is over the rent, also need a lease agreement), 2 photos will be able to apply for business license of the business sector.

paint shop purchase:

generally have all kinds of paint, fly powder putty powder days to take water, rust, water paint. Brand Dulux, Nippon tower, etc., and sell tools – paint brush, brush gloves, etc..

paint shop stock is mainly: interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wood paint, floor paint, paint cabinets, interior paint, wall paint, polyester paint, PU paint, wall paint, furniture paint, wood floor paint, paint, paint, cabinet showcase water paint, interior wall paint, exterior wall emulsion paint, wood door paint, latex paint, water-based paint.

shop location work done in place, all the efforts of the late store can be launched, and then be able to make the shop business becomes more prosperous. So, if you are going to open a paint shop, have you noticed the above three?

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