method three: breast nutrition juice

drink breast juice is the simplest method of diet breast also had the best effect, you need to prepare for half an avocado, 1 apples and skim milk and a little white sugar 250ML. The avocado pulp dug out and cut into small pieces, apple peeled and cut into small pieces and milk together into the juicer, add a little white sugar stir. After the full juice, with a layer of gauze filter to get breast nutrition juice, the winter can be heated after drinking.

a significant effect of breast enhancement is massage, massage can promote the metabolism of the chest, accelerate the blood circulation of the chest, so that the chest faster absorption of nutrients. At the same time often massage the chest can also prevent the occurrence of breast lumps, early detection of breast disease. In the massage before the first bath cleaning chest, and has the effect of breast massage cream evenly throughout the breast.

with the right hand hold the right breast, fingers, and then his left hand gently in the right breast, fingers are close together. Right hand along the line of the breast with the palm of the hand to the upper hand, left hand gently down. This action is repeated 10 times or more, then change to the left hand to hold the left breast, the same right hand massage. This can promote the metabolism of the chest, but also to prevent sagging breasts and external expansion.

method: homemade breast film

lordosis after Alice is the most charming figure, even if slim, no impressive career line, regardless of occupation dress, installed no way to reach the perfect curve. There is no easy and simple method of breast enhancement? Xiaobian teach you how to create a step D cup.

on the chest smear cream or film is the most direct breast enhancement method, but no matter what kind of external breast products you buy, more or less will add some artificial chemicals. The skin and tissue of the chest is very delicate, irritating substances will cause allergies, redness and other diseases, want to use external breast enhancement, homemade breast film bar. You need to prepare the material as long as 1 eggs, a spoonful of solid yogurt and vitamin E soft capsules, 2 capsules.

put all the ingredients into the bowl, stir evenly along the outer edge of the lower part of the chest began to smear from the bottom evenly on the chest. And then find a cotton breathable thin bra, put on 20 minutes after taking off, wash with warm water bra, and then wash the breast on the chest membrane. Adhere to half a month will be able to see the effect of large breasts, but also to make the skin white and delicate.

method two: breast massage method

The S curve of

avocado itself contains rich vitamin A and E can regulate the secretion of endocrine hormone and metabolism, accelerate the development of the chest. At the same time the avocado is also rich in fat and protein, animal protein, milk collocation Apple vitamin and fruit, not only can supplement the nutritional needs of breast development, can promote the body metabolism. Every morning to drink a cup, half a month there is a good effect of breast oh.

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