now in order to further optimize the social environment, some colleges and universities around the world have started to change their talents training mode, training mode to adapt to the development needs of the whole society to create a good talent.

optimize teaching. The innovative entrepreneurship education into the various aspects of personnel training, in the classroom of professional education and general education courses in the establishment of innovative and innovative curriculum module, in the second class of campus culture in the construction of hidden curriculum module. To take a set of professional training programs, set up innovative experimental classes, excellent engineers, SYB class, the implementation of "2+2" "3+1" "3+1+3" and other flexible educational system. To explore the implementation of "flexible curriculum", "school enterprise joint class", "joint innovation class" and "project training group" and other collaborative education model, and strive to cultivate the industry leading talent. Carry out the "electronic design contest" Mathematical Modeling Contest "hundreds of technological innovation activities and visited Guangdong University of technology entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial Salon" and dozens of business and cultural activities, edit and distribute "the creation" and other publications, and create a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Perfect incubator system. The establishment of the College of business, innovation and entrepreneurship training and incubation base construction of more than 7 thousand square meters, construction of the "n+1+3+n" mode of the platform (n studio, 1 Institute of innovation of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training and incubation base, 3 collaborative innovation platform, n practice and Incubation Platform). The establishment of venture capital pool, a wide range of social funds to attract all kinds of venture capital, excellent business incubator operation. One of the six "entrepreneurial" site, helping to provide linkage, hydropower, network facilities, guidance and services "and" six free "and" business services to a site, a school teacher, a school teacher, a pool of funds, a promotion platform, a service team for college students entrepreneurship project ". Through the establishment of entrepreneurial management service company commissioned by the joint venture to carry out the operation of the business incubator base market.

now some universities to cultivate some innovative talents can say a thing is very necessary, because in modern society, some innovative entrepreneurial talent is still very rare.

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