in the popular era of entrepreneurship, the whole society appeared many different entrepreneurs, students, women, there are some social youth and farmers, especially now that many local governments for local entrepreneurs to provide interest free loan service.

this year, for some women, youth, students and other groups, but no actual want to venture capital, Yunnan Yiliang County, striving for multi-party financing, strict procedures, strict control, as of now has to meet the conditions of the 343 subjects paid 26 million 30 thousand yuan interest free loans, helping them to a circle, the entrepreneurial dream".

for independent entrepreneurs to provide loans to support, entrepreneurship training, funding and other one-stop convenient service, let entrepreneurs get really, really enjoy preferential support. At the same time, in order to help entrepreneurs, improve entrepreneurial success rate, Yiliang people club bureau held independent entrepreneurship training class 2 period a total of more than 600 people, to the training of those who pass the examination issued by the "entrepreneurship training certificate". And coordinate the development of Rural Human Resources Office for 1500 people to carry out black goat breeding, Chinese cooking, electrical and other skills training, improve the entrepreneurial skills of the masses.


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