2, egg

4, chocolate

green ?

honey contains endocrine hormone, which has obvious biological activity. But, honey easily absorbed into the blood, the formation of fine night is very beneficial. Royal jelly contains aspartic acid in this kind of "help" material, can promote the development, improve sexual function, stimulate reproductive ability, and enhance the body resistance, promote metabolism and improve hematopoietic function.

medical research shows that onions are rich in nutrition, various plant hormones and vitamins it contains can ensure normal human hormone secretion, and thus play the role of yin tonic aphrodisiac. Onion, garlic also has this role.


7, spice

1, honey

endocrine disorders is a lot of people suffer, and part of the people is not very seriously, do not know the harm of endocrine disorders have much to know, endocrine disorders can lead to pregnant women can not, but in the winter, is a good time, so we Yin Yang, endocrine disorders Yin can eat what

can bring the romantic atmosphere, and let people relieve tension and anxiety, but alcohol is a very early on to an exciting, later caused by inhibition of the inhibitor, so can only be tasted, drunk but will make the poor performance of sex.


It is said that

endocrine disorders Yin eat what

in chocolate with non refreshing Xingnao not only, the antidepressant effects like taking stimulants, especially increased libido. And the pure chocolate containing carbazole non aphrodisiac effect better. In addition, there is a chocolate called Phenylethylamine substances, can cause the brain to fall in love like intoxicated feeling.

is regarded as an aphrodisiac food centuries, the mysterious effect is largely associated with Greek mythology. Of course, the price is very expensive, rich nutrition, really makes people very charmed, can adjust the mood in the special day.

as a high protein food, and human proteins composed of similar, so the human body absorption rate of egg protein as high as 99.7% (milk only 85%), at the same time, the egg is the best nutritional additives to enhance sexual function of human body.

5, roe sauce

6, red wine


is a natural aphrodisiac spices, because strong odor has let a person very intoxicated, plus pepper stimulates the body’s blood circulation, stimulate the mustard gonad, want a mouth to taste the aphrodisiac spices, India curry is preferred because of its ingredients include ginger powder, Hu Tuo, mustard, red pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, in the leaves of more than and 10 kinds of fennel, spices, aphrodisiac of the most concentrated. In addition, Westerners use the > basil

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