now there are a lot of people in the business for a variety of reasons, will choose the way to do poineering work, then, in the partnership before we need to pay attention to what things? Let’s have a look now.

1. understand the reasons for choosing cooperation

must clear the reason of their choice of cooperation, because if you do not understand the situation, the hasty, cooperation than alone. Cooperation can be a good implementation of the project, the two sides can make cooperation resources sharing, cooperation can make themselves more powerful. At the same time, there are many forms of cooperation, including cooperation between the project and the project, the cooperation between the project and the people, the cooperation between the project and the technology, the cooperation between the project and the fund, the cooperation of the project and the social resources, etc.. Must find the most suitable for their own channels of cooperation.

2. clear purpose and objectives

3. subdivision partner responsibilities

4. predetermined cooperation process input ratio and profit distribution

5. set up the exit mechanism

In order to better cooperation before

6. cooperation process friction prevention

Cooperation between the two sides of the recommended

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