a lot of friends say she is like "small time" in the Gu, also have friends say she is like a new era of "Lin Whei-yin", I said, she is more independent than Gu, slightly because of more refined. She is my micro friends, she was halfway across the world to see the sea, see the snow capped mountains on the Pentium, 7 years of foreign trade career, 3 months of micro entrepreneurship, namely the daily turnover of 30000 yuan miracle. She is my eyes white Formica, her rich, a slight blemish in the talent, beauty in the heart.

to find "Bole", they must be "maxima"

Vicki Wenzhou, executive director of the Yiwu Qiao Chen Biological Technology Co. ltd.. Micro entrepreneurs began last year, Taiwan exclusive moisturizing queen activation light liquid hyaluronic acid mask, Taiwan murphyk fruit enzyme. Have the privilege of Vivian in WeChat mutual powder, she is a willing to share, WeChat often write micro text share business ideas, the Internet has shortened the distance between people, let the stranger be strangers to each other on the other side, image is gradually clear.

to invite my interview, Vicki readily agreed, we sincerely communicate, to trust each other. Turning to the micro entrepreneurs in just 3 months, only had a day retail sales amounted to 30000 yuan, Vicki said: "all the success is not accidental, all the accumulated precipitation before you life is now in order to give a better platform, even if you want to encounter horses, at least you have to make sure you are there are several elements: a successful professional, grasp the chance, or the help of others, are indispensable."

on micro entrepreneurs she is not a trainer, she is a real home, Vicki university graduates that year, his father was seriously ill, she gave up reading classical literature research students the opportunity to help take care of the family business after his father died, her own business and set up factories, set up shop, open the company to do foreign trade, to throw all the sad history. Overall it is quite smooth, 7 years of foreign trade career accumulated a fixed circle of contacts, stable customer resources. Last year she was keenly aware of the micro marketing is a development platform, decided to join the micro entrepreneurs, she does not love love innovative thinking, conservative, go that write the mobile micro era, for she jump thinking.

play a strong activation of interest is more important than money

Vicki said: "the business no matter in what way, the same is to make money, but to maximize your expertise, activate your interest is more important than money." She believes that for young people, is the largest interest oriented index, choose a generous giving passion is great happiness. Fierce competition from all walks of life, if there is no strong ideas and interests, it is easy to give up halfway.

the personality is different, numerous living beings, but everyone has their own color, rational analysis of their own advantages, to join the corresponding to the cause will play a multiplier effect. Once you’ve made a relatively reasonable decision to act on the ground, don’t talk about it

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