With the development of the society, people pay more attention to the green, environmental protection, health and health care. The planting of agriculture becomes an industry with great investment value, especially the cultivation of green products. There are a lot of rural plant selection, planting in the end what can become rich, full network of finishing the six big agricultural planting rich project, want to engage in agriculture in rural areas can refer to my friends! />

the vegetable planting green organic vegetables is very popular. We found a big agriculture, a lot of organic vegetable they said the price of organic vegetables purchase than ordinary vegetables, 30% high as last year, organic broccoli purchase price 1 per kilogram to 1.2 yuan, average market price of about 7 cents per kilogram of cauliflower. 1 years, 1 acres of land planted two crop green cauliflower harvest 3500 pounds, and then insert a middle 1000 pounds per acre per crop soybeans, income generally can reach 5000 yuan or so, remove the material cost, net income of 3500 yuan.

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