mainland China and Taiwan cooperation not only in business, but also in agriculture. Through cooperation to carry out the modernization of agricultural cultivation, to help cross-strait agricultural entrepreneurs to achieve new achievements, improve the likelihood of becoming rich.

for the upgrade of Mei Taiwan agricultural cooperation, build agricultural business incubator of innovation, make full use of Taiwan agriculture development model, Meizhou Agriculture Association twelve Annual Review Conference and Mei Taiwan agricultural entrepreneurial innovation center listing ceremony held on the 21 day in Guangdong city of Meizhou province Mei Taiwan cultural creative industry park.

in the listing ceremony, Meizhou City, Taiwan Affairs Bureau announced jointly issued by the Meizhou Municipal Bureau of agriculture, Taiwan Affairs Bureau "on the establishment of" Mei Taiwan agricultural innovation center "and" four cross-strait agricultural expert workstation "approved", Meijiang district government, Meizhou Municipal Bureau of SMG 6 on behalf of the unit "Mei Taiwan agricultural innovation center", "four cross-strait agricultural expert workstation plaque unveiling.

The Secretary of agriculture in Meizhou City:

Mei Taiwan with the north latitude 23° -24° between two geographically similar, light, temperature, water, air and soil conditions for agricultural production in recent years is similar, similar to the "cultivation of mountain agriculture industry, if the goods, tea, and other large southern horticulture industry, lay the foundation for their agricultural cooperation. On the other hand, 5 million Hakka people in Taiwan, there are 1 million 800 thousand people in Meizhou, Taiwan, where nearly all of the agricultural experts into the Hakka people are about 8.

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