is different from home decoration, shop decoration, how often will directly affect the consumer’s sense of enjoyment, for the operation of the store will have a great impact. In fact, shop decoration, is a fine thing to bother, but sometimes because of the wrong way, but it is a thankless task, effect. I think, no matter what the circumstances, shop decoration should simplify, should not have brightly coloured. It’s a good thing to be unconventional, but if it’s too much, it’s counterproductive.

North Road, Jiangsu, Huaian, Chengde, is a commercial concentration area. The size of shops, light box signs is more of a wide variety, there are some manufacturers free outer wall plaque, promotional advertising is a more than a strong, almost in a street have become advertising wall. And in this street, there is a very simple store the name of the hotel name cigarettes.

in store decoration, compared with several other colors around the chaos shop, its simple and smooth lines and cream colored walls are particularly eye-catching. But from the operating position of the store, store interior wall decoration theme color into cream. Shop outside the shop is a style, and store counters, shelves and so on, and the whole store to maintain coordination, so that the goods on display is very eye-catching, is conducive to customer differences.

at the same time, the signs outside the shop with a yellow black word, more traditional, more successful distinction between several other kinds of billboards, billboards and other formats. Such a successful shop decoration, to the people of the people of a visual impact, thereby increasing the potential impact of the store.

and many of our operating businesses, in the process of shop decoration, wait for the red orange yellow green blue purple color with all, the shop is dressed up to the nines, the money is not due to the effect of, bring customer resentment, affect the customer shopping mood.

store decoration, not only to achieve a simple coordination, but also to arouse the curiosity of customers, to impress customers, but also to bring popularity to the store. Huaihailu Road has a pleasant name and tea, is a famous inscription of the local friends please. This shop signs wooden, carved inscription is dark green, antique. According to the theory, the sign and some neon billboards in the cost of the price difference is very far, but in this light box signs on the streets, only the shop signs are prominent. Not only to increase the tea culture, and store business category is benefit avoidance.

so, store decoration is not the best, but it is the best. Out of the ordinary, in order to attract attention, win back". At the same time, the shop floor and ceiling, also should be elegant, not gaudy, but do not use some luxury.

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