VR business is a great consideration, more uncertainty, more tests, let entrepreneurs have unlimited imagination, there may be an overnight success, there may be always try, VR business is facing Rainbow Night, also is the gold pit.

and similarly, virtual reality enterprise had little-known Oculus  VR is Facebook to $2 billion acquisition, stimulate entrepreneurs continue to force in the VR industry, if oneself is the lucky guy? At the same time, investors are also more and more focus in the VR industry.

  this is not a means of VR industry completely towards fast lane? In determining has become the most potential market next, VR industry has a very bright future, is an inexhaustible, inexhaustible "gold". But on the other hand, there are still too many uncertainties in the VR industry, for the strength of the weak, the ability to resist the risk of lower entrepreneurs, it is likely to become a big pit from the gold". This delicate relationship, in an infinite temptation for entrepreneurs at the same time, also let their students fear.

gold entrepreneurs look at fiercely as a tiger does!

for entrepreneurs, in fact, to identify the direction of efforts is not the most important, and is looking for the industry to maximize the success of the dream. Now if the entrepreneur has fall into the intelligent mobile phone, Mobile Games, mobile applications and other industries, "see" the chance in the lottery much higher than. And now, the future is quite good, and in the beginning, the chaotic state of the VR industry is one of the best areas of entrepreneurship.

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