out of the house, you need to carry a lot of things, pull boxes can naturally play a role, so that the current large box box Market brand. In short, in travel and travel, trolley can be said to be essential items, here to bring you the trolley ten brands list, helping people find the suitable one (the following ranking from high to low).

box ten brands list, NO.01 RIMOWA (Japan Mowa):

Mowa (RIMOWA) is a German brand of high-level suitcase luggage number one of the producers, inherited the centuries old tradition of one of the manufacturers is the industry. The product is famous for its rugged, durable, lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy and two kinds of high-tech polycarbonate materials made of high quality material, excellent technology, set, unique design and extraordinary skills in a body, become another legendary German manufacturing ". For decades, the continuous optimization of the optical characteristics of the Rimowa suitcase to create a noble and elegant outline, and create a unique visual effect to become a high-grade suitcase and the brand itself a unique iconic image.

pull box ten brand list NO.02, Adeele FENDI (Adele · Fendi):

Adele · Fendi, a brand with nearly a hundred years of history, world famous bags. Adele · Fendi is not just a professional travel box manufacturers, as long as the bag, can pack a good. Adele · Fendi, with high-tech and advanced technology of artificial materials, has been a leader in the industry, it is hard to research and development of new products and redefine the durability and versatility, with ergonomic design and safety standards.

pull box ten brands list NO.03, LouisVuitton (Louis Weedon):

Louis · LV, LV Vuitton, from France’s Paris more than and 100 years ago, LOUIS VUITTON, "luyis vitton", the pronunciation is abbreviated as "LV". LV is the first generation of founder in nineteenth Century in Paris, France, a dedicated to the royal family to create travel luggage technician LV, he made the production of suitcase technology is excellent, at the time of Paris’s reputation is very loud. Then make LV become the most delicate symbol of leather travel products. If you want to buy high-grade leather, when the LV for the first choice, especially leather suitcase is a lot of rich gentleman ladies indispensable. LV leather goods can be classified as one of the top brand-name leather goods, Louis Weedon’s box is also widely known.

pull box ten brands list NO.04, Sams>

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