is coming to the end of the year, are you still thinking about next year’s business plan? What do you make the most money in 2015? This is a lot of people are thinking about the problem. Today Xiaobian to introduce you to some of the most profitable investment projects in 2015.

2015 what do you make the most money? Sporting Club Hotel

for each adventurous man to conquer fear is one of the greatest harvest. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain climbing…… One after another extreme sports is that they express themselves, to show their own another stage. Every time you reach the top, the thrill of self transcendence is an unforgettable pleasure, and the brave man’s certificate after the game is a kind of man’s proof. Extreme sports like Wang Shuo’s novel "play is the heartbeat," the same man in the majority of the market.

2015 what do you make the most money? New wallpaper store

new wallpaper selection of high quality paper as the material, the surface after polishing, backsizing waterproof, not easy to fade, not easy to fall off, long service life, easy cleaning, low price, simple construction and decoration. A facade is only 2 meters long shop, rolling display, large capacity can; can also set up a mainly to the wholesale retail run wallpaper store, the display style is not the same. The common feature is that there are a number of books including decorative renderings, wallpaper sample book.

2015 what do you make the most money? Carving crafts shop

is charcoal with high performance activated carbon as raw material through the die forming sandblasting hand colored sculpture made of high-grade crafts and other processes. The maximum retention based activated carbon on the carving is endowed with artistic value. Not only can effectively protect you and your family from indoor air pollution, but also can decorate your home. The art of carving investment 1, can go to the relevant school or company to study, according to different situations, costs are also different. But before school must be carefully investigated, in case of being fooled. 2, the store: generally need about 10 square meters, assistant 1. 3, to have finished product display window, in order to attract customers.

2015 what do you make the most money? Car accessories shop

surge in private car ownership leads to rising car accessories. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. How to invest in car jewelry store? Service is critical, as far as possible to create a warm feeling for customers, because today’s customer service requirements are higher. Second shop location should be selected in the traffic flow is relatively large sections, store decoration to attract customers to attract personalized fashion. Investment advice: join a brand shop more sensible, not only solved the source of goods concerns, product purchase price absolute cheap, but also from some of the advertising.

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