need to know how to do business accounting, if there have been entrepreneurial experience, should be very understanding of this sentence. In a word, say business must understand the account, otherwise will suffer. There is such a shop, the shop opened in the area is not prosperous, but the business has been booming. Findlay daily shop is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guigang City Fuji town mapang Ridge Development Zone, more than and 40 square meters of the main shops of tea, tea and cigarettes. Everyone praises the owner Tan Weifen was smart people will do accounts, but in her opinion, should be calculated in the management of "account" can be more than one pen.

is a good credit account, a business

auto shop business, Tan Weifen always adhere to the "honest and trustworthy" bottom line, never sell fake goods, and expired goods. With her own words, is to do business with conscience, talk about the integrity of the goods sold to have quality assurance, otherwise the business can not be long."

she said so, and do the same. On the purchase of strict quality, tea is the main business of goods, the supplier’s choice of the first choice of trust, the establishment of long-term partnership. Management of cigarettes from the local tobacco companies purchase, from the source to ensure the reliable quality of goods.

in order to prevent the deterioration of goods, Tan Weifen in the storage of goods is very particular about. With a special seal tank and a bucket of tea and tea in bulk storage cabinets, wooden storage inventory of cigarettes, in strict accordance with the principle of sales of FIFO, such as expired bad goods, would take responsibility for the loss, no longer continue to sell.

encountered door-to-door "bargain", she often immediately rebuffed: "my shop never fake, substandard harm consumers, the brand can drop their shops for the benefit of."

is this kind of business with conscience, pay attention to the integrity of the people, over the years, has never received complaints from consumers. Tan Weifen’s shop opened a good reputation, won the trust of consumers.

is a good account, high tide of

the rights and interests of customers, means that the social responsibility of business customers. Tan Weifen believes that the shop, the customer is god. Only customer satisfaction, the store has a long life. She has not only the quality of the goods to be guaranteed, but also free of charge to customers of various types of tea, tea drinking methods, storage methods, how to identify the cigarette code, but also to leave the store business card, so as to have problems can contact at any time. Good at the customer’s point of view to consider the issue, responsible for each other, never do false propaganda.

The goods are sold as

defect, she promptly replaced; if the customer feedback on goods or services advice, she listen to, to improve them, and consciously accept supervision. >

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