for the "master election held assistant this event, directly to consumers Jishiduo bathroom brand before, this activity is expected to further Jishiduo bathroom brand in the minds of consumers has become a popular brand. So, what are the details of the event? The following and Xiaobian together with a detailed understanding.


light luxury bathroom brand, ten Home Furnishing Chinese Jishiduo bathroom brand full title sponsor of the tenth session of the "master selection assistant" launching ceremony was held at the Shenzhen Four Seasons Hotels, Jishiduo "to promote the integral shower room, bathroom shower room" to the industry spotlight.

Shenzhen Interior Design Association (SIID) chairman Ni Yang, J& A, chairman Jiang Feng Jayne creative design PAL Design Co., design director He Zongxian, Ricky Wong Designers founder Huang Zhida, Darham international interior planning Limited Design Director Zhao Dongzhou, chief architect Bi Lude Du Yun, Shenzhen city Max Interiors Ltd Lu Weiying, general partner of rock Shenzhen Hongyi building designer source Jishiduo bathroom Max Interiors Ltd Zheng Hong, general manager Li Dingguo, In Design media group associate publisher Yang Disheng of the United States, "interior design" Chinese executive editor Han Xiaolan and hundreds of designers attended witnessed this event.

, IN DESIGN MEDIA, deputy chief sponsor representative Mr. Yang Disheng and Shenzhen Interior Design Association executive president Mr. Ni Yang has speech, expressed the affirmation and the designer of tournament players look forward to, and so committed to the creative Jishiduo bathroom, bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet, shower style combination of cold hot water the living environment of the rich products such as Chinese industry pioneer to join and support welcome.

later, the title sponsor Fangji thing event bathroom general manager Mr. Li Dingguo shared the brand concept and core value of Jishiduo, and said "Jishiduo and assistant master selection" spirit highly fit.

Li see the rise of more young designers, they look at the "master elected assistant" more beautiful spark and Jishiduo brand will help wipe, Jishiduo characteristics of its products, such as "the whole bathroom shower room, shower room, shower screen", to better achieve the creative and design reality landing.

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then, guests and friends visited the exhibition hall Jishiduo bathroom, fully feel Jishiduo not the blind pursuit of the avant-garde, adhere to the excellent quality and unique style of combining brand temperament, auspicious thing Dodoclub.html" target=&q recommended;

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