went to the graduation season, many college students are about to graduate choice, entrepreneurship or employment? In the upsurge of public entrepreneurship, many college students choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, so what are the reasons for college students to start a business? These seven are worth sharing.

1, idol worship Bill, Gates, et al.

their names in college students will not be unfamiliar, their entrepreneurial story for the students talked about. As an idol, the experience of these people to college students to provide their own business classic, the future of the good wishes, I hope that one day they can also be a cause of achievement, as they are.

2, entrepreneurship itself is a career

many students think entrepreneurship itself is a kind of occupation, at the peak of employment, give yourself a wider sky, and many people think that in the future society, entrepreneurship will be more and more people, and even become the mainstream of employment, become the first choice of college graduates’ employment is an important reason for economic reasons 3, the economy is college students choose their own businesses. In the economic construction as the center of the environment, the treatment is an important factor to be considered, the self-employed may bring good economic benefits.

3, for others to work for their own work

most of the students who choose to start their own businesses are holding this attitude, that their careers, do more work passion, more investment, and thus more likely to succeed. This success is their own; on the other hand, even if the failure is caused by their own, will not blame others, will not regret it.

4, the realization of self-worth

some very strong sense of self students choose their own businesses in order to prove their abilities through this way, in some units due to the constraints of the system, not in accordance with their own ideas to do business can have a place to play, to achieve self-worth, get social recognition.

5, helpless

, of course, can not find a job is one reason for the selection of entrepreneurship graduates, especially this year is the first year after the expansion of employment, a large number of graduates into the market, some people will have to face the problem is to find a job or a short period of time can not find suitable jobs, entrepreneurship is a kind of upset in this case.

6, jealous

some of their students in high school classmates or friends have graduated from secondary school or early into the sea, the cause has become small

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