has already introduced two Datong shop location of Feng Shui, here a little more detail, is the door to the problem, believe that even before two a lot of people do not pay attention to, this point is very attention, then Xiaobian here to remind you to take the south from the northeast"!

geomancy in site selection of mansion, to block south, its purpose is to avoid the summer heat and winter cold. The choice of business address, also need to consider the sun and the wind. Well, the best is still south of the north, that is, to the south.

business as a character used in the shop, the door needs to conduct business activities when fully open. If the door is open to things, then, in the summer, the sun will be from morning to evening, through the door to the store. The summer sun is hot, this was regarded as sacred Feng shui. The stock of the store business activities Shaqi is bad. Into the store first Shaqi is disturbed by the clerk.

by paying interference, second is the commodity. Goods in the sun exposure, very easy to become brittle yellow, serious will affect the quality of goods. If the goods stored in the near future, that can be sold, the impact is not large, if the goods are sold for a long time, it can not be scrapped. The result is that the business is not done, to lose money.

by paying interference, the customer is third. Stores in the hot sun under the heat, for the customer, not forced will not come. Furthermore, no customers are willing to choose the goods under the sun. Shop no customers, paying becomes more heavy. Paying variable is not dead, this shop.

if the store towards the north, winter is also be unbearable to contemplate. Whether it is blowing the northeast wind, or scraping the north wind, will open the door to the shop in the drill. As cold as a Feng Shui was overweight, evil spirits, harmful to all business activities. The clerk was chill, another kind of suffering, the body also dingyiding, poor health is likely to get sick. Although the clerk is the clothes on fire, but was overweight, so the clerk refused to move, did not reach the purpose of sales of goods. The clerk is reluctant to move because of the cold, it will slow down the flow of goods, resulting in reduced sales of goods.

however, store block south, take the south, you can avoid less toward the East and north face brought all the seasonal problems and disadvantage, its business is likely to be better than the first two.

if it is compelling, the store must choose in the East West and North West. "

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