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of course, the Internet has also created YAHOO, Sina, NetEase, Sohu such portals, from 0 to today’s Web 1? Web 2? 0, the Internet has been influenced and changed people’s way of life, and the development of portal website also makes the traditional paper enterprises are facing severe problems prospects. A free network storm ushered in the development of the Internet and a huge bubble, of course, so that many traditional enterprises are facing the passive transformation and strategic positioning for future development.

if you look at a branch of the Internet, you have to pay attention to the details. In terms of mathematical knowledge, one of the most important points in higher mathematics is calculus. The so-called calculus, is the first detailed analysis of the details, and then put together the details. Popular terms, it is necessary to put a strategy in accordance with the actual situation and schedule, divided into a number of details, go deep into the first, spend energy to solve the details of things, and then proceed to the overall situation of co-ordination.

this time Shi Yuzhu, is gradually sell melatonin, can be said to be relatively free. Shi Yuzhu likes to play games when he has nothing to do. It is also such a nature, so that Shi Yuzhu found the bottom of my heart has been buried in the direction – online games. In this period of time, Shi Yuzhu almost black and white upside down life, you can imagine, his interest in online games.

many bosses do investment game, but most do not understand the nature of the game; but Shi Yuzhu chose a former industry, is the first to understand and experience, as consumers, found the breakthrough point, the market began to find the landing point, decided to do. In fact, at this time, the history of bold has rational. This is also the "A faint heart never Wine Fair Lady", only the "journey" of the disruptive business model. The company staff for the boss to understand in detail after the decision, in addition to the support of the body, what can be questioned?

Internet applications are very broad, can be applied to any one industry, but also a number of major application industries are extremely interested in the capital market, which also produced a lot of miracle stories. Of course, many industries are still just in the conceptual stage, the profit problem is still not resolved, such as the previously mentioned video sites, such as Facebook and e-commerce platform.

but different online games, far not to say, Chen is relying on online games to complete the accumulation of capital. 9 on "World of Warcraft" earned pours, NetEase by self-developed online game perfect Dinie rebirth?. Compared to other applications of operating pressure, in addition to the development of online games, such as investment and investment in the server and other resources and equipment as well as the bandwidth of the input, coupled with a part of the promotion of investment, the rest is sitting a few banknotes. >

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