although people now like to buy all kinds of finished products, knitting time is less and less, but we can not deny that there is still a wool market. In recent years, the rapid development of clothing market, but the streets and lanes wool shop did not seem to reduce. Is there any market for hand knitted sweaters? How do these sweaters survive?

wool price disparity

according to the reporter observed, more focused on the place where the yarn shop, mostly in the vicinity of the old residential area and the back alley on both sides, both sides of the street and the newly built residential area near the shape of a rare wool shop.

general wool shop the appearance of a little shop three surface made of wood, to display a variety of wool, the lower is the cabinet, you can put some debris, and the street window of the main display of every kind of sweater.

visited a lot of wool shop, the reporter found that all kinds of wool price disparity. Reporters in a wool shop to see the most expensive sweater in the shop offer 780 yuan / 500 grams, the cheapest every 500 grams only about $40. During the various grades of everything, there are seven or eight brands.

where did the wool come from? The reporter asked a few stores, has a variety of claims: some do brand agent; others from the dealer where the goods; and shop is Wuhan local wool factory, not only to take the goods directly from the factory, the factory can also by the generation of a sweater.

as a selling point?

now obsessed sell wool shop are very rare, most wool shop to pay more attention to weave, and even many stores renamed the "Weaver", in order to attract customers.


store business model is to sell wool, while providing a service fee of 30 yuan knitting, woven 50 yuan. According to a shopkeeper said, can generally provide service shop and many woven home have long-term contact near the laid-off workers, once the job shop, tell them to weave, usually within a week can weave a good one, if the style is particularly complex or very fine line, need time is longer. She said that the knitting shop does not earn the money for the manual, mainly through the weaving of such services, to stimulate the sale of wool. In addition, there are some shops with a knitting machine to knit a sweater, which is more efficient.

, according to a business store more than 10 years, said the shopkeeper, and now the wool is not high profit, while sales also have a downward trend. This is mainly because not many people will now be knitting sweaters, hand knitted sweater and most style does not look good.

knitting yarn shop more reassuring, also can be customized, more fit than the mall clothing. At the same time, the wool shop can also root >

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