is well known, wash the head will be more than a dozen things, but now the barber shop marketing is very powerful. In the near future, there is such a news so that people are very shocked, women spend 20 thousand and 3 shampoo, so how to bear the price? This qiangmaiqiangmai is not black?

It is reported that

This ancient trade

and despite the January 1, 2005 implementation of the Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "Interim Measures for the administration of hairdressing industry" stipulates that operators in the provision of services, should inquire about the requirements of consumers, provide services and relevant actual information to consumers, and shall not use the sale of counterfeit products.

however, while some illegal behavior, but nobody tube. How to regulate the management of the beauty market, hairdressing industry departments including the Ministry of health, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of labor, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Food and Drug Administration and other departments recommended

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