the most urgent needs of the current social development is the innovation of technical personnel. School of electronic and Information Engineering Suzhou Vocational University has very outstanding achievements in cultivating innovative talents, cultivate a number of award-winning specialist".

platform to create sophisticated practice

ensure that stand on the first line


"clout" because of the strength. In June this year, Institute of electrical automation technology was named a project of Jiangsu construction engineering college professional brand, plus the original brand professional, focus on the construction of specialty group, the central financial support professional, the real form of professional brand, and strengthen the training of innovation, is the priority among priorities".

"though it started early, but the cultivation of students’ innovative ability, strong support after all cannot do without the soft hardware condition, we spare no effort in this regard, go all out." Dean Zhang Xin said. In his view, the market is not exposed to the latest technology, there is no full hands-on practice, innovation is an empty talk.


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