in the last generation of Anhui people’s eyes, Hefei is composed of four old city, four districts have their industrial park, will support the economic development of Hefei area. Today, Hefei has a number of other regions, the strength of these emerging regions should not be overlooked, high-tech zone is the core technology areas, it is worth more attention.

days of high temperature in Hefei, the sun baked in the outdoor heat, but the office of Hefei high tech Zone in the cool but not many people. Most people in the area of the enterprise docking work, song director today is a routine focus on corporate research, to be able to come back at noon." Staff explained to reporters.

interview Hefei hi tech Zone, naturally see the working committee, the CMC director Song Daojun. At noon, the reporter thought that this is a table of the interview, who knows it is a "audit" the general manager of Anhui Beike biotechnology limited company solutions with partner Liu Hui Dean of Anhui maternal and child health hospital and reporters together with the meal, and with the song Daojun communication project located in the high-tech zone.

heard that the solution side of the enterprise is from the outside migration, the reporter will talk with him from the reason. Fang said: "we come here, the first thing is to see the high efficiency of the Hefei hi tech zone." Originally, the Hefei high tech Zone has been committed to the reconstruction of the administrative approval process, vigorously decentralization, improve the service efficiency of the government, now is the use of "Internet plus" means the construction of "people in the dry cloud in an effective way, through the" real "Internet plus" entrepreneurial innovation service platform, implementation of policies issued to honour, e-government online approval two, a corporate finance and technology services, management of product technology docking four big functions, low cost, build innovative ecological facilitation, all elements of the. Lower home labor costs, operating efficiency with the same or even superior to others, attracted entrepreneurs come in a throng.

benefited from the good policy here

walked into the office of China intelligent technology company, is a display of millet bracelet, AMAZFIT fashion bracelet and other products to attract people’s attention. This home grown in the Hefei high tech Zone enterprises, has now become the world’s second largest, Chinese first wearable smart devices and Internet service providers, products occupy more than 30% of the domestic market and the international market share of more than 15%. In such a company, by the Hefei hi tech Zone awarded the science and technology to cultivate a small giant enterprise intellectual property management norms pilot enterprises, etc. in its display wall is very eye-catching. Public affairs director of China Science and technology company Wang Songqing told reporters: "it can be said that no high tech Zone policy, there is no China today."

In the year of

, China Hi tech Development Zone started, has experienced a serious shortage of funds in the critical period of vital importance. With the Hefei hi tech Zone to support a series of preferential policies for high-tech enterprises, China has not only become the "innovation loan" the first beneficiary enterprises, departments of science and technology of high-tech zones and Guarantee corporation also help enterprises for millions of low interest loans. At the same time, to establish and perfect the caucus with trade unions, intellectual property protection and declare, let China from toddler grow up to a healthy.

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