asked Sliced noodles what is special, you must be a contemptuous disregard answer: what special, is not the common "what pattern? Hey, you do not do not believe, small series today to introduce the revocation of the brand is also different, how different? Because this noodle shop main characteristics Sliced noodles stewed products. Is there a little bit of interest? Want to join the first to specifically look at the Sliced noodles.

What is the cost of joining

order Sliced noodles? Investment analysis as follows:

join fee 150 thousand, decoration costs about 300 thousand (the company is responsible for the design, the franchisee in the local team to find their own decoration construction), equipment, tables and chairs tableware 12-15 million (tables and chairs, tableware for the company designated manufacturers, equipment purchase).

order Sliced noodles join conditions:

1, identity, love Shanxi pasta noodles Shunliu brand culture;

2, with good moral and cultural qualities;

3, with certain business background and experience;

4, familiar with local food and beverage environment and consumer demand;

5, with the corresponding economic strength and good social relations;

6, with a focus on the cause of the dedication of food and beverage industry;

7, identification with company business philosophy, obey the headquarters management;

8, with a more ideal operating space (area of not less than 150 square meters, flat layer first);

9, joined the fee for 3 years a total of 150 thousand (one-time payment), the expiration of the contract signed a contract extension (two-way selection);

10, with more than 1 million investment capacity, to remove the rent investment of about 600 thousand.

ten is not allowed to join:

1, do not like pasta culture in Shanxi, do not agree with fast food models;

2, to join the "Shunliu noodles" is a short-term investment to long-term business operators;

3, to join the "smooth surface" after all depend on the headquarters support, lack of responsibility;

4, to join the "smooth surface", family members do not support the


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