in economic construction, in many projects, often exist chinakayao phenomenon. In a word, no matter how good the quality is released; no good, the problem is every day! In such a social phenomenon, Panzhihua chinakayao special activities start.

recently, the Municipal Housing Bureau issued a notice, in the city of housing construction engineering quality and safety supervision departments to carry out industry chinakayao special activities, to create a delicate gas is the working environment.

it is understood, according to the characteristics of quality and safety supervision of construction engineering project, the key governance project acceptance process for any reason to collect project related units envelopes, service charges, meal fee, gifts, awards appraised, in the project process of all kinds of illegal charge commissions, accept the supervision and administration of banquets, to participate in other illegal objects entertainment and disguised gambling activities of the 6 aspects of the behavior.

to find the engineering quality and safety supervision in the process of "chinakayao" behavior, take a zero tolerance attitude, found together severely dealt with.

Quality problem is the key in

engineering construction. If you eat take card will be able to cross the border, for the safety of life and property of people is extremely irresponsible! The Panzhihua chinakayao special rectification activities start, effective against local this bad atmosphere.

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