open restaurant business, what is the situation encountered, but in the process of dealing with customers, thousands of people and one thousand times, can be a firm foothold in the latter. Don’t forget, any thinking catering, they will eventually come chowhound "eat".

in the food and beverage industry, time, space and customer price is the food and beverage industry, the ceiling, and labor, rent, raw materials and tax is the food and beverage industry, the floor". These years, the "ceiling" and has not changed much, but the "floor" but the sou was up, infinite surface scenery of the food industry, in fact, profits have been compressed very small.

"Internet plus" concept was born, let people find that the Internet can subvert the world, also let people think that gets into a corner of the restaurant last straw. However, the majority of food and beverage companies do not use the Internet to do the marketing of burn advertising, or buy.

yes, these marketing methods can really make the restaurant’s traffic increased in a short period of time, but it really can bring long-term profits for the restaurant? I don’t think so……

survey shows that the same is to obtain 100 customers, customer acquisition costs are just one more chance cost 5 times higher than the old customers! Cultivate customer loyalty, improve the frequency of consumption, is the key to the profitability of catering enterprises.

therefore, we should not only draw back off, let "head off into" repeat". If from the long-term interests of ordinary consumers, will become a member of members of consumer information and consumer demand, the subsequent mining force, learn lifelong consumption value, then the "customer value" will be the maximum excavated.

focus on customer needs, is concerned about their business. Excellent products on the Internet are not actively interact with the user and quickly improved, so as to continuously optimize products and services, access to customer reputation and repeat purchase rate.

so, how to exceed customer expectations, improve satisfaction? Today we just said two dimensions: one is the sense of service, the two is an awareness.

1, do not blindly, good good study day day up

some people in the industry say "learn Haidilao die", if not completely copy according to the actual situation, it will die, but the service consciousness, is really worth a lot of food to learn, especially some claim to have very knowledgeable!

sea of fish dishes taste can be said to be good, but it is not the best, so they dig the value of the service chain, providing a service beyond customer expectations, so that

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