because the "goddess’s new clothes" are a variety show, Yin man’s popularity began, and now the Yin man joined the expanding scale, launched a new franchise policy, attracted numerous franchisees, for what?

Fang Jianhua to "the world" network reporter said, in addition to Zhiyingdian first-tier cities outside, before the end of this year will be the Yin man in the two or three, the four line of the city opened 200 physical stores, these stores feature is the "zero fee, zero inventory, zero soft decoration", the biggest highlight is to "stores + + micro business model will be through consumption, will be in O2O remodeling new store line.

in consumption, we hope to Jianhua line store also as an extension of the Yin man slow life circle location, not only sell original clothing, shoes and other products, clothing, furniture, textile etc. can explain the Yin man slow life spirit category will be presented, at the same time, it will also be a community economic carrier, Yan man and the fans will be online collision with independent space and more.

even online under the layout, Party Jianhua still stressed that this is still a research rooted in the Internet, can be seen as a new business model to try the Yin man as the representative of the Amoy brand in Internet plus background.

new retail model test

this is not the first time the Yin man layout line store, in September 2011, it had a try, try this round in a year or so they stopped short.

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