nowadays, there are a lot of people would choose to join the brand children’s clothing, children’s clothing is small, but the value of profits really can not be underestimated, that if we go to join a brand children’s clothing store, how much cost to join?

brand children’s clothing stores and shops costing admission fee: 20 square meters of shops 3000 yuan per month, "according to a two rent after cost 9000 yuan.

Manual: 1, 1000 yuan, or their main business.

remind, open brand children’s clothing stores shop goods backlog is taboo, to be the best method of the risk, is the shop as the manufacturer’s inventory, equivalent to the principle of. One of the benefits is not the backlog of their cost, also can avoid the second volume is not sufficient, and the source of the risk of loss, not only in pavement, no inventory management principle, which can make in the wholesale industry on the road gets narrower investors.

if not made agent, and want to do to reduce costs? Some large orders of each manufacturer will, but not all orders can complete sales, then there will be some goods manufacturers usually cut the tail, tail sell goods, brand children’s clothing stores the operators can choose to enter some of this the end of goods, including some manufacturers, factory supply. Compared with the famous brand goods, the quality is exactly the same, but the price can be very different, this is a good way to small profits and quick turnover. But there will be broken code phenomenon.


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