pizza impression in our public mind is a delicious one big Flapjack. In order to attract consumer spending, the market is changing the form of pizza. For example, what type of pizza pizza roll, conch. Xiao Bian here today to introduce the latter.

conch shaped pizza, delicious on the tip of the tongue! Taro is still the fourth generation of pizza pizza, pizza, completely out of the early cottage version of the hands of pizza. Conch shape, novel and unique, fresh fashion! Top of the traditional pizza to eat, the original taste of the elements will be diversified, " fruits, vegetables, beef, cheese, seafood, ", and other nutrients in one, sour, sweet, hemp, spicy, salty taste! In 2014, taro is the most powerful love articles, the most attractive family of four creative pizza — family, Egg Tart conch pizza / ice cream, pizza pizza family cartoon family and family into the Chinese Chinese pizza market, give a sense and taste of the feast for you, everything is unprecedented, so true the storm swept the market Chinese delicacy!

Eddy from Italy, Rome, Bourdages, has won four consecutive years, the Italy food world championship pizza". This time, he cooked six pizza respectively "harvest pizza", "colorful dream pizza", "green" magry pizza, pizza, pizza and pizza sweet romance in Rome". In order to be able to taste the flavor of Italy, these six meals in the Ma Su cheese balls, and many other raw materials, are Eddy Bourdages from his hometown – Rome, selected and air. Cheese (cheese) is the soul of pizza, directly determines the taste and quality of pizza. Taro is love and a strategic partner of Mengniu Group, with Mengniu cheese’s dealership, all pizzas are used for ACE Mengniu cheese, the taste is mellow. Strong combination of brand and brand. More stable taro still love in China pizza industry can not shake the status of!

The fourth generation of

automatic intelligent voice drum pizza machine, has won three national patents, stainless steel, computer touch screen control, fool operation, intelligent voice prompt, without a guard, completely out of control key type of outdated equipment, from processing to finished baked pizza rolls, computer automatic control. Fast speed, large output, more than and 100 hours per hour can produce hot drum pizza, ACE equipment to help you shop success!

taro love pizza join advantage:

food distribution license, the State Trademark Bureau registered trademark (Registration No.: 12688288), China senior food industry association member units, China Green Food Association, Chinese Nutrition Association and taro still love pizza was named: ">

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