education is a major concern for all the people, but in the actual education, although it is necessary to apply their knowledge, but a lot of people are very difficult to understand, there is an empty stomach ink does not come out. Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Higher Vocational Education Innovation and development action plan overall implementation plan (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan) formally introduced. "Implementation plan" put forward by three years (2016 – 2018) the construction of higher occupation education in Sichuan, the overall strength significantly enhanced, structure optimization effect is more obvious, the level of connotation construction and talents cultivation quality and serve the economic and social development significantly improve the modern occupation education system in Sichuan is improving.

in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the call, the higher vocational education in Sichuan unwilling to lag behind, opened up the majority of students to develop innovative awareness, and strive for a foothold in the fierce market environment. "Implementation plan" clearly, our province has undertaken the Ministry of education of higher occupation education innovation and development plan of action 25 tasks, 9 projects, including the expansion of quality education resources, enhance colleges vitality, enhance technical skills, improve the accumulation of quality assurance mechanism, improve the ideological and political education quality and other aspects of five, completed three years of construction. This year, will start the production of practical training base, virtual simulation training center, the backbone of vocational education group, the modern apprenticeship pilot projects such as 7.

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