is now a lot of shopkeepers do business is doing business, there is a time when the customer reception, there is no customer is sitting in the shop. In fact, if the owner can be more than a small craft, perhaps the store’s business has a lot of help oh. Worked in the factory for more than a decade of maintenance workers, did not feel that there is nothing remarkable maintenance machine, just to work and busy all day. The passage of time changed my role, I became a shopkeeper in the store, I had learnt in the factory maintenance technology, develop ability did not expect to play a huge role in the shop more than me. Not only let me make a lot of new friends, but also because of a small move, but also a few loyal customers, which I did not expect.

love home maintenance, so prepare all kinds of maintenance tools, more love to see the happy fresh fruits of his labor, store the spare time, love nothing to do to find something to do: home water pipe valves on the ah, ah, home service small project to install a lamp like myself the

will be nothing difficult;

love riding, good weather put his bike out crunching up, wipe the maintenance of the transmission frame.

that day, pushing a bicycle out of the area, while talking about the mouth, yesterday filled the gas today how the car was not angry?" Uncle Wang is not a car with a tie, and I have this tool, you have to be afraid of my level is not high, I help you fill it!" Finish saying I readily help Lao Wang mend the car belt.

from then on Pharaoh became my loyal customers, a few days ago to go to Pharaoh’s daughter’s home in Shenzhen, specifically from me to buy a few cigarettes, said the past pumping. Small children riding with no gas, I am ready to pump at any time to use, some of the elderly to buy gas stove battery, but do not know where to install, I will personally come to teach them the gas stove battery box in what place, Zhang aunt pipes Water Leakage I got a waterproof tape he put a good fastening actually these things for me are all about, but perhaps for the residents is difficult.

if a simple sale of goods, which shop can not provide services? Why do customers have to be in your shop? The so-called people in heart, whether in the market, or feelings in the usual life investment is indispensable, although I am selling goods, but who can say that we are not selling their feelings and dedication, can put their expertise in the organic combination of their own business and can play a very good effect, it is really a kind of enjoyment, both for the convenience of others, have also received interest.

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