nowadays, people’s living standards improve, drinking coffee is also a lot of people’s habits, coffee shop business is getting better and better. Want to open a coffee shop, first of all to consider the site. The success of investing in a coffee shop is closely related to the location. How to open a coffee shop? Together we analyze.


the prominent location, crossroads or "L" side angle corner, "U" side round the corner;

the commercial street, high-grade office buildings in many places, may become a good place for businesses and customers to talk business, shopping is the ideal person to rest.

Near the

B lot can also become a cafe in spring

right close by, the rent gap, this is the biggest advantage of B area. Business owners have every penny spent wisely, in lots of partial point, surrounded by large residential areas, employment center or rent Economic Development Zone, the pressure will be much smaller, the business may be slightly worse, but the cost of the pressure is not so big. The other is to select a number of second tier cities, although the coffee industry has just started, but because of the emergence of this emerging coffee, often a wave. There is a premise that you are in the town of consumption must be more developed, easy to accept new things, the promotion of coffee culture is bound to become the main coffee shop business.


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