in the age of the Internet era, the change in people’s thinking to turn the world upside down, WeChat is used more frequently and I do not know when the derivative is also taking advantage of the rise, I believe we all have many friends into the micro business force, but can reach an annual income of six digits must be few, let’s look at a 90 micro business is how to do.

"Tracy" this rather China ancient charm 90 girl is the protagonist, she said, at the beginning of the road in business, she was "forced". Three years ago, Cui Cui graduated from a well-known university, from small to large, good girl, Cui Cui also after graduation to obey the wishes of parents to become a college teacher. Entering the community of more than 2 thousand per month basic salary and subsidy. Plus monthly meals, car, rent, buy clothes and other basic expenses. Whenever a colleague’s wedding invitations like "red bomb" delivered to her eyes. "Tracy" always have a life under pressure feeling. If you have been holding a meager salary, in the end when you can buy a house to pick up their parents back home……

The change of

"light" input, small water

"create" their own brand

"homes" have to pay


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