the advent of the Internet has brought about great changes in our lives, especially the advent of the Internet related financial platform, so many people take the risk of high investment to earn wealth! But overnight, huge investment platform suddenly not to mention now, the boss lost contact, the company deserted…… A month ago, Jiangsu, Changzhou, a public platform to raise hundreds of investors encountered this situation, the following for details and Xiaobian together to understand.

according to the number of investors to reporters reflect, to raise the public to carry out second-hand car purchase and maintenance of ships operating in Jiangsu Changzhou New District Ding Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., founded in almost a year when suddenly announced the suspension of operations, then emerging platform could not land, investors can not contact the owner and other abnormal situations.

, a reporter from the Changzhou Public Security Bureau Taipei Bureau learned that the platform boss in November this year suspected Juankuan run away, amounting to 30 million yuan, involving more than 300 investors. Changzhou Public Security Bureau in November 11th Taipei to the company suspected of illegal deposits from the public grounds filed, is currently the case is under investigation.

Changzhou Ding Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. in November 9th issued a suspension notice. Ding Sheng investors figure

Changzhou Ding Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. in November 9th issued a suspension notice. Ding Sheng investors figure

platform suddenly stopped operating

Gu Junjie of Jiangsu and Shanxi, almost at the same time, the registration of the Jiangsu network technology co.. In July this year, they side by side because of my friend’s recommendation service, facing the Ding Sheng promise of generous investment returns, both the heart. They withdraw from the original investment P2P platform to become a tripod wins investors.

Gu Junjie told reporters, Ding Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March this year, the scale of more than a dozen people, initially in the network technology company name registered in the business sector, but in the actual business of second-hand car purchase, ship repair.

to buy second-hand car, for example, the platform to raise funds to raise funds for the recovery of used cars, and then sell, the difference between the platform and investors 37." Usually the target of a car is about 200 thousand, the more money invested in the project, the greater the return.

Zhao Bianzhen told reporters that the maintenance of the public to raise the subject of the larger, usually between one million to three million, this investment income is higher than the investment of ordinary P2P up to two or three times."

investment in the past few months, the platform and investors have been recommended

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