Running company recently appeared in Anshan. The company to accept a variety of errands work, according to the distance and the weight of the weight of the shuttle objects, up to more than and 500 dollars a day earned.

run company disappeared after a period of time, and recently reproduced Anshan.

yesterday, the reporter saw a "errand company" advertising in a supermarket in Tiexi, "professional errands company: send, buy, pay and other agency business, for you to buy time, Tel: 1308121****." Reporters call the company’s only staff Wang Yang. Surprisingly, Wang Yangcai is 26 years old, graduated from college for two years.

, in fact, as long as it is not illegal, what the living are connected." Wang Yang told reporters that the company opened nearly 9 months, but not many of the number of orders but a variety of categories, including the proposal to send flowers, pay gas bills.

after graduating from college in 2009, Wang Yang has been to a number of private enterprises to work, but do not want to be restrained, always wanted to venture. One day, he saw someone posted on the Internet looking for "errands", the reply rate is amazing, then he collected a large amount of information, found that some large cities a few years ago, the running company". "This and I was in the University for others, or kick is a nature!" Wang Yang at the university had posted small ads to help people in the library and water, a charge of 2-5 angle, once a week to earn more than and 50 dollars. "Take this experience to the society can make a lot of money." So he started the running company".

Wang Yang’s "business" has no fixed price, how much money is needed to run a leg, according to the distance and the weight of the object, negotiated fees, up to earn two thousand yuan a month, day income of nearly 500 yuan a month, at least not a penny, "but call people in particular many." Wang Yang is very optimistic about the Anshan market, and now some companies to talk about cooperation, and strive to make them my regular customers." Once you talk about it, he won’t have to take it anymore.

a few years ago, Anshan had run errands company, but when the market is limited, the industry can not last long. With the accelerated pace of life, "errands" demand more and more, many companies increased "errands" service, some flower shop, cake shop or intermediary companies to provide such services, but not many named "errand company".

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