has just experienced 9.8 earthquake in Japan, in April 19th, Beijing, Fangshan District, a small earthquake, according to the determination, the magnitude of the order of magnitude, focal depth of 0 km.

according to the official website of China Seismological Station official determination: 04, 19, 01 minutes in Beijing, Fangshan District (collapse) (latitude 39.91 degrees, longitude of 115.75 degrees) occurred in the earthquake of magnitude 2.7, focal depth of 0 km.

Automatic determination of

China seismic station site: 04 19 August 01 10 in Beijing near Fangshan District (39.90 degrees north latitude, longitude 115.79 degrees) around 3 earthquake occurred, the end result of a formal report shall prevail.

little knowledge: one of the main reasons for the magnitude of the earthquake disaster and the depth of the source. The so-called focal depth refers to the depth of the epicenter (the nearest point on the ground from the source) to the source (the source of the seismic wave).

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