college graduates choose entrepreneurship, in the eyes of many entrepreneurs is still not mature, need to hone a few years. However, college students entrepreneurial force is absolutely not to be underestimated, as long as the help in place, will bring a new look.

entrepreneurship can not be underestimated

25, Xu Jianhua, Secretary of the Dongguan municipal Party committee in the Eastern Conference to participate in a group discussion. Xu Jianhua pointed out that "for the East, East is not a business incubator, if we have good policies of encouraging entrepreneurship, coupled with high-quality incubator services to attract national college students to entrepreneurship, strength can not be underestimated."

will be representatives of the grassroots actively speak

"but Dongguan some private schools or schools have weak points." He pointed out that in Beijing, Shanghai, commissioned to do a good job of running a school to manage the new schools and weak schools, this concept is relatively mature. "Can we emancipate our minds and integrate resources?"

East suggestions to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation

then, Xu Jianhua said, "I will perform under the obligation to speak on behalf of."

in Dongcheng reality, Xu Jianhua proposed the East as one of the main city "for the city, not only to provide total support, but also to support innovation." He said that Shenzhen through reform and innovation in the forefront of economic development last year to maintain good data, many things in Dongguan, although not follow suit, but the idea of learning. On the one hand, learning resources highly intensive practice, on the other hand is to learn the spirit of innovation.

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